Monday, September 8, 2008

Breaking news... my first foster pug comes tomorrow!!!

Hey all...

So goal 1 is in full effect. I just got word from the folks at Precious Pugs Rescue and Adoption that they have a pug that came in in a rush and they need a foster ASAP. His name is "Brutus" and he's a 7 year old black male. I got the email this afternoon around 4:00 and they said that they might be bringing the pug over as early as tonight!?!

Turns out the pug has been at his first foster mom's house for about a week. She has her own pug rescue (or works with a pug rescue.. I wasn't really clear) and she saw a posting on craigslist last week about a woman who was trying to get rid of her pug. From what the PPRA person told me, the pug was in bad shape- his face folds were all dirty (you have to clean pugs face wrinkles or they get all grody), his nails had grown into his little paws, his eyes were infected (pugs also have a lot of eye issues), and he was just in generally bad shape. Poor little guy...

So she took him in and contacted PPRA to see if they could take him. They said they could, but apparently there was some miscommunication; the PPRA folks thought she would call them when she was ready and the rescuer thought PPRA was going to call her. So today she called PPRA and said she really needed someone to take the pug tonight. She has a lot of other pets and she thought that he just wasn't getting the attention that he deserved.

So around 4:00 I get an email asking if I can take a foster tonight! CRAZY! I said yes of course (because I'm crazy) and I went out to get some supplies. He was coming with a harness and a new leash. I bought him a few toys, a water/food bowl, and a little doggie bed. Turns out he won't be coming until tomorrow evening, which is great for me so I can prepare myself (mentally and my apartment).

so.... YAY! Look out tomorrow for pics and updates about Brutus


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