Saturday, September 20, 2008

New Ish* Fo Yo Ears (September)

What up folks!
Here's the first installment of New *ish for your ears in which I will be sharing the songs the 2 or more new songs that I acquired during the month (Goal #4)

The September edition consists of songs from Little Dragon, Magic System and Beyonce's little sister.

Little Dragon- Little Dragon's music is kind of hard to explain... The group is from Sweden and the music is usually labeled as "electronic" or "electronic pop". I first heard the song "After the Rain" on ProjectVibe, which is the online radio station I listen to at work. I thought the song was really odd the first few times I heard it, but then it started growing on me and I decided I liked it and wanted to see what the rest of the CD was like. I really like the CD. It's good ambient type music to listen to when you're in a chill mood and reading or writing, etc. Here's a few selections
After The Rain - Little Dragon
No Love - Little Dragon

The second piece of "new" music I acquired this month was from the group Magic System, a music group from Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire. I'm pretty sure this song is really old... I've heard it numerous times before and really liked it. I was at my apartment watching BET Jazz (I think?) with a friend and it came on so I asked him what it was and downloaded it on the spot. Apparently the style of music is called Zouglou and it's popular throughout Africa, the West Indies and France.
Magic System ~ Premier Gaou - Magic System

The last song I downloaded this month is STRAIGHT pop, but I'm not ashamed because I like it. It's the new song by Beyonce's little sister called, "I Decided". I like some pop music (as many of you know), it's great for working out or improving your mood. I hadn't really heard much about Beyonce's little sister up until a few weeks ago when this song came out. I really liked it! I listened to the rest of her CD... not so much. I wasn't sure why I liked this song so much, but I did some research and found that it was (written?) and produced by the Pharell... I like the majority of things that little ferret produces so I wasn't shocked that I liked this as well... Plus I sing about as well as this chick does so it's a GREAT karaoke song for me!
I Decided - Solange

So that's it for September.... Look out for next month's post!

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