Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Celebrity Pug Owners....

Just Because I love da pugs.....

Jessica Alba has two pugs, Sid and Nancy.

Kelly Osbourne with her pug, Prudence. I need a hoodie like that for Leroy...

Tori Spelling with her pug, Mimi La Rue, and her family. I love her. R.I.P Mimi La Rue :-(

George Clooney's sexy ass has a pug...

Paula Abdul is crazy, but has a cute pug, Puggy Sue.

Valentino has SIX pugs.

Ted Danson has a pug.

Nick Carter (LOL) from Backstreet Boys has two pugs.

Denise Richards has a pug, who is famous for his appearance on The Dog Whisperer.

Eva Longoria is now the new mom of a precious black puppy.

Brooke Mueller (Charlie Sheen's fiancee) has two pugs..... after seeing this carrier NO ONE has a right to make fun of my dog sling :-p

Gerard Butler has a pug, Lolita.

Debra Messing with her pug on Rodeo Drive. How happy does her pug look! But then again I would be that happy shopping on Rodeo Drive too. :-p

Hope y'all enjoyed the celeb pugs.... BTW I totally stole this from another site. If I remember where I got this I will post it as a footnote :-p

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Alex said...

Yeah, that dog carrier is a bit extra. That dog with the serious underbite is very cute.