Sunday, February 15, 2009

Clear skin in 30 days? (day 15)

Hey Y'all...

I started my clear skin challenge on Feb 1. It's Feb, so I'm officially 15 days in. Just as a reminder, my toolkit for clear skin is the Clinique 3 step system for acne prone skin, Origin's "Have a Nice Day" moisturizer, and Origin's "Clear Improvement" masque for deep pore cleaning once a week.

The actual "goal" was to keep up a skincare regimine for a full 30 days. So far I've been doing great and it's been really easy. My "regimine" was just to wash, exfoliate and moisturize 2x per day and do a pore cleansing masque once per week. I stopped using the moisturizer from the 3 step kit because it made my skin dry (weird huh?). What's been really odd is the exfoliator is just a liquid with some powder on the bottom. You shake it up to disperse the powder and then wipe it on like you would a toner. I guess the new age exfoliators are like micro granuals... it's a big change from the St. Ives Apricot Scrub days. :-p

So far it's been simple as pie. I think it's been easy because I've been seeing improvement in my skin. It seems to be clearer and tighter. I'm still having some issues with the dark marks, but those even seem to be fading a little bit... Here's a comparison from day 1 (Day 1 is on the left)

Hmm... LOL the pictures aren't that compelling LOL. Although I still think that my skin looks much clearer than it did a month ago. Oh well I'll try again at the end of the month.

Right now I'm more focused on the dark spots. I still haven't really found a good spot remover or chemical exfoliator, but I'm working on it. If anyone has any tips/suggestions please let me know. As of right now I've been hearing really good things about MD Skincare Alpha Beta Facial Peel. It's a bit pricey, so I'm not sure when I'm going to start it... but when I do I'll put up some more pics. :-)


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