Monday, February 23, 2009

Curly Tail's first meetup

Leroy and I had a GREAT time at Curly Tail Pug Rescue's first meetup on Saturday. The meetup was at Happy Paws, which is a pet boutique and also offers dog boarding and doggie daycare. We were expecting over 60 pugs. I think about 40-50 actually showed up. It always amazes me how different the puggies look. You'd think they'd all kind of look alike since pug are either all black or fawn, silver, apricot (It's hard for me to tell the difference between those last 3 though :-/).

Leroy and I always have fun at the meetups, but this one was really special because a couple of the people that adopted dogs from the rescue actually brought their dogs to the meetup. It was really touching to see how happy the dogs were! I had personal experience with one dogs that came back, Sunny (previously "Tyson"). I talked about Tyson in one of my posts about Bruno my foster pug. He was surrendered in front of my house and him and Bruno went to a vet visit together. When Tyson was surrendered he had a HORRIBLY ulcerated eye. It was awful. He was crazy hyper, had stinky breath and bad gas. When he went home with Nicole, his foster mom, he jumped on the bed and peed on her... yes ON top of her. Tyson had to have his eye removed and Nicole worked REALLY hard around the clock for the next month or so on keeping his other eye medicated so he wouldn't have to lose that one as too.... Well Tyson/Sunny was at the meetup and he looked SO GREAT! I almost cried when I saw him. His coat was shiny. He was calm. He had an adorable blue argyle sweater on. You could tell how well he was being cared for. His new mom was AWESOME. I loved her! And she lives in Brooklyn. If I hadn't seen him, I would have had NO idea he was the same dog. It was really beautiful.

Another dog, Teddy, was also at the meetup. Teddy was one of the puppy mill rescues. I had never met Teddy in person, I just facilitated the adoption partly via email. Teddy was a BEAUTIFUL pug. One of the nicest looking male pugs I've seen. And he looked SO happy and secure sitting on his new owner's lap. He was shaking and definitely too nervous to get down and run around with all of the pugs, but just knowing that he had someone who loved him and that his life had turned around so completely since his time in the puppy mill really made me happy for him and proud of the work that I do for the rescue.

It really was a beautiful afternoon. Hopefully I'll have pictures up soon.... But just to tide you over (all 3 of you :-p) Here's another pic of Leroy going down the slide at Happy Paws!

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