Friday, November 28, 2008

Beyonce... I can't even hate....

Beyonce.... I can't even be mad at her. I know a lot of you think that I'm a Beyonce hater. And I think that is TOTALLY UNTRUE! I have ALWAYS liked Beyonce's music. I thought her first CD Dangerously in Love was AMAZING (by far her best CD in my opinion). My main issue with Beyonce was that she always seemed so controlled in interviews and there is never any life behind her eyes in pictures.... She's an amazing performer, pretty good singer, but ugh her pictures and interviews just annoy me.... I just want to shake her! But recently I've started to think that the Beyonce Android may have come to life... I mean would Android Beyonce ever let herself be photographed like this... -------------------------------------------------->

Maybe her marriage has given her some strength to break out and be more free, maybe she's just growing up... (or maybe I'm just growing up and becoming less of a hater :-p). Whatever it is, I'm liking this Beyonce chick these days. I especially love her new single "Single Laides (put a ring on it). I decided to adopt this as my anthem for my relationship life.... "If you want it then you should(a) put a ring on it." Until then all is fair game. I loves it. In addition to that... girl is WORKING OUT in the video. I mean DAYUM! I mean...DAYUM LOL. That video is sick! My friend Juan and I decided that we would try and learn the dance yesterday... We got through about 7 seconds. heh heh... I don't care if the dark skinned person in the video is a dude, she was working it out.

I also caught a replay of Beyonce's performance at the AMA's... She's a force of nature! I mean all the other folks had sets, explosions, 50 dancers, crazy costumes, live animals, pyrotechnics... and Beyonce had 2 dancers, a leotard, a bike ramp and a horse tail weave and she worked that shit out. Best performance of the night. Hands Down. Even that crazy pose at the end... Sasha must have taken over her body or something.... I can't even hate.

But one thing I CAN hate on is the Pussycat Dolls member Melody Thorton.... She needs to take a note from the Destiny's Child handbook of what to do when you have a mistake on stage (remember when Michelle fell on her ass and Beyonce and Kelly just kept right on dancing?) ... Well watch the black chick on the on the far left when the start working on the poles.... priceless...

Ok... so for now the Beyonce hate is on hiatus.... for now... :-p

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