Friday, November 28, 2008

Mobile paternity tests and other ghetto nonesense..

Just some randomness for the day... So I was walking home from the train last week... as many of you know, my walk from the train is about 10-15 min through the Bed Stuy, so there's always something interesting to see... So I'm minding my own business, slightly annoyed that my headphones broke and I was ipod-less, and what do I see? A blue van with a BIG ass picture of a white, blue eyed, blond baby on the side and 2 young black guys driving... so I had to take a closer look. On the side of the van it said "MOBILE DNA AND PATERNITY TESTING" and right by the baby was written "He's got his father's eyes.... or does he?" HAHAHA Really... really.... really Bed Stuy? We have to do better. I was so mad. I wish I would have had my camera to take a picture... So mad that there's really a market for this type of "service". Maury would be so proud.

In other ghetto news, I was WAY uptown in the Monistat capital of NYC i.e. Washington Heights (don't be mad... those chicks wear their pants hella tight...) yesterday for Thanksgiving. The Heights is just as ghetto as my neighborhood just more Daddy Yankee than Lil Wayne... anyway, Juan and i were walking down the street and we came across a car who's side mirror had been knocked off (pretty common), but WHY did these fools tape a hand mirror (yes just like this one ---------------------------> )

into the space where the side mirror should be... handle and all... Really.... really? Ya'll couldn't have at LEAST broken off the handle before doing that shit. We have to do better people! necesitamos hacer mejor!! (Thanks Steph!) Ugh... our people....

just a little nonesense for your Friday :-)

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Alex said...

Why was I cracking up so loud. That mess was soooo funny. Sad, but funny.