Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Goodbye Slum!... minus one

So there's been a bit of an uproar about the treatment of the kids that starred in Slumdog Millionaire. I believe the kids that played the child versions of the main characters of the movie were actually residents of the slum where the movie was filmed. Reports have stated that they weren't adequately compensated (movie reps stated that they were paid "above local Indian wages") and despite the success of the film they are still residing in the slum...

Well the Indian government has graciously decided to purchase new houses for the Slumdog Kids... wait... for only TWO of the Slumdog kids... the 2 that played the child versions of the "main" characters "Jamal" and "Latika". According to the Indian government those 2 actors have brought "laurels" to the country..... Uh weren't there 3 main kids in this movie? Jamal, Latika and Jamal's Brother Salim.... WTF happened to his house? Maybe Salim's character didn't bring "laurels" to the country since he was a jackass kid who pushed his brother into a hole filled with runny poop and was the mastermind behind all of the swindling and general mischief that they 2 got into, but damn! He was playing a character! It's not like he personally pushed someone into a pile of shit and stole tourist's money. WTF?!? I honestly think that kid stole the movie. He was my fav by FAR! And how shitty will that be for him when he's busily scavenging for breakfast in the local landfill and sees his slum friends roll by in their new Landcruisers on their way to their new houses with their non-landfill breakfast... Damn...

But honestly why is it the Indian government's job to buy these kids houses? I mean, while I think all 3 should get houses, kudos to the government for doing anything, but where the fluck is Danny Boyle?!? He made a little movie that was originally going to go straight to video and now he is going to make MILLIONS on this movie. I would understand more if he wasn't going to make any money on the movie then maybe he could have been given a pass, but come ON! It's just common decency to share the wealth with the people that helped create it. If nothing else the filmmakers/production company should at least set aside a few 100,000 for each kid to receive when they come of age and ensure that they are in school. But apparently they don't feel that's the responsibility.

Argh... This angers me. I think we should start a campaign to at LEAST get the third kid a house. Who's with me?!?

ETA: Apparently Danny and co have set up a trust fund has been set up using some of the movie's almost 200 MILLION dollars in profit... But it looks like the trust fund is also just for the 2 kids. Am I missing something here? Maybe the 3rd kid isn't from the slum.... SMDH

Edited AGAIN to add that houses and the trust fund will go to the kids that played Salim and Latika, not Jamal and Latika... Perhaps the kid playing Jamal (the real Main character) isn't from the slum... it's sounding a bit better... but still a bit sketchy IMO

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